About Us


Our Mission is simple—

"It is our goal to provide superior dental professionalism and build Teams between the dental professional and the dental employer through great accessible services and convenience of these days modern technology.

My personal mission statement is rooted deeply in the love I have for the Dental field. I truly believe that "If you Love your job, you will never have to work again" I believe in building teams with success, finding that right fit, and never letting your great talents go to waste. Job placement in the community is extremely important and building long lasting relationships with the dental community is a commitment we stand by.

Our mobile App will be the quickest way to link you to the best companies or the best applicants in your area and find the talent you need. Whether you are looking for a job or trying to hiring, you have come to the right place!

Dental Professionals- Register for Free, post your resumes for Free and see what our latest technology can do for you. Dental Professionals- Build your profile, post your job, or search 100's of resumes and you will be on your way to building that Team.

Founder of KLE Dental Jobs- Kari Gomez

A resident of Virginia, grew up in Illinois and has been in the dental field since 1986, from sterilization, to dental assisting, to Office Manager, Kari has made it her passion to help others, and truly loves her job.

Member of the AADOM [The American Association of Dental Office Managers]

Kari is also the owner of Dental Temp Solutions, LLC a dental temp agency that was started in 2014 and helps staff dental practices in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D. C areas.

While managing a dental practice, and staffing other offices, she quickly realized that the passion for helping other practices build teams that succeed is what she truly desired. Being the focused "entrepreneur" that she has always thrived to be, she is builds contacts around the country and focuses on building KLE Dental Jobs. After her son joined the United States Air force in 2016, being there for him was so important to her and her husband that she had to close the door to the practice she managed an open a new door to KLE Dental Jobs. Networking, training, staying active temping in practices and building Teams, Kari believes that between her knowledge, the dental employers, the dental professionals and the community "Teams will be built one job at a time"